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In the 21st century, the world has become a small global village. Technological advancement has revolutionized the world, especially in the fields of the Internet and telecom, and since the smartphone launch, the globe has become much smaller and more accessible. Many applications have come into existence due to this smartphone, thanks to which doing business and communication has become very easy.

WhatsApp is the most widely used contact application and can run on all types of smartphones. It is an excellent app that people can use to communicate with their relatives and customers. However, many features are not available or limited in this app. So to fulfill the needs of the users a third-party application GBWhatsApp has been introduced which provides all these features.

In this article, we are going to tell you about GB WhatsApp APK so that you should know about its required features before downloading it. So stay connected with us and read this article in full.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is the modified version of the original app specially designed for Android users. It is a safe and free-to-use application that you can download and install. It provides great features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. Such as DND Mode, downloading media, translator, additional fonts, additional themes for customization, and added privacy options are all available in this application. So in today’s modern age 2024, there are many apps available on the internet that perform similar tasks but this GB WhatsApp APK is the best among all these apps.

Moreover, we are providing you this WhatsApp APK file and all required information so stay tuned with us till the end to know and continue reading this article.

What is New in GB WhatsApp?

  • DND Mode
  • Download View Once Media
  • Auto Reply
  • Scheduled Message
  • Send Bigger Files
  • Restrict Callers
  • Sending Images in HD Quality
  • Translator

Latest Version Changelog

Permissions Requirements for GB WhatsApp Apk

There are some required permissions which this app will require you to allow during the Installation:

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Microphone Access
  • Camera Access (for Video Calls)
  • Storage Access
  • Read Messages
  • Contacts Access

Difference Between GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp

There are some differences between GBWhatsApp Download and WhatsApp which we are going to explain to you in the shape of a table for your better understanding:

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Hide Online StatusYesON
Airplane ModeYesON
Status DownloadYesON

GB WhatsApp Features And Information

It has many new and unique features which are detailed below so check them out carefully so that you know all the features before downloading this GB WhatsApp:

Privacy Features

DND Mode / Airplane Mode:

DND or Airplane mode is this GB WhatsApp latest feature that prevents other people from contacting you without shutting down the internet. Thanks to this, you can get rid of the hassle of unnecessary messages and calls and use the app with peace of mind.

Block And Restrict Callers:

Now limit unnecessary calls without blocking them with GBWhatsApp APK Download. This is the most amazing feature of this app because if you don’t want to talk to a person, you can get rid of them without shutting down the internet connection or blocking them. Just go to the app’s call portion and Restrict the person who is calling. Thanks to this he will only be able to talk to you through text or voice message and never call you.

Hide Status View:

If you view someone’s story, your name will be added to their viewer list. But if you don’t want your name to be included in their list, you can do so through ghost mode. Thanks to this you can hide the viewing status.

Freeze And Hide Online Activity:

GBWhatsApp APK allows you to freeze and hide your last seen status for a specified time. When you enable this setting in GB, your last seen status will change to frozen particular time. You can then use the GBWhatsApp, but your online activity will not modify your last seen status. Your contacts will notice that you were online several hours ago but are now actually using the GBWhatsApp. Hence they will not be able to see your online activity and status on time.

Anti-Delete / Anti-Revoke Messages:

Recently WhatsApp has introduced anti-delete or anti-repeat messages features. Thanks to this, the sender can delete the sent message even from the receiver’s chat. But WhatsApp GB has left behind this feature of the original WhatsApp. If you enable this feature, messages will never be deleted from your chat even if the sender deletes them on both sides.

Show Double Ticks After You Reply:

This is a great feature that you can use to take your privacy to the next level. When someone sends you different messages, the sender will see only one tick. Double and blue ticks will appear when you reply. While he will think that you are offline or for some reason his message did not reach you, but in fact you may have read his message yourself. It plays an important role in improving your privacy.

App Lock And Chat Lock:

If you are using this interesting and unique app then you don’t need any app lock. Because it comes with a built-in feature that locks apps, through which you can lock your app. It also has the ability to lock in-app chat.

Hide Contact Name From Chat:

Let’s say you’re using public transport and don’t want anyone to see who you’re talking to. So you can use GB WhatsApp APK to hide the name. It allows you to hide the name of the contact and the other person will never know who you are talking to.

Hide Profile Picture From Selected Contacts:

You can select specific contacts in it and hide various activities and messages, statuses, and other online activities. It is a revolution in contact apps that has protected the privacy and security of users to an extent that other apps in the same category can’t.

Customization Features

More Than 4000 Themes:

It comes with four thousand of unique themes that you can use to change the outlook of your app. In this application, you can use different versions of layouts like iOS layouts on Android devices. Moreover, you can change your app icon with 80 different colors and designs available in it. It also gives you control over double click and other things that you can use to make your app attractive.

Added Beautiful Fonts:

GBWhatsApp APK includes many beautiful fonts that you can use to change the design of your chat. This feature will make you feel like you are in an exciting and premium application.

Control Over Chats Colors:

Change your chat screen and chat font color with this app. It gives you full control of the app through which you can change anything and add different things. Because you will have the ability to change the header, chat, contact color, and app interface.

Additional Emojis And Stickers:

It has numerous emojis and stickers available which is not present in the original WhatsApp.

GB Settings For Colors Customization:

In it, you can find GB settings along with WhatsApp settings. In this setting you can control all GB functions like changing color, changing icons to different designs, privacy features, and thousands of other controls, etc. Get this amazing app right now and start using the advanced version of WhatsApp for free.

Additional Features

Download Media With One-Time View Privacy:

People send videos and photos with one-time view privacy in them. You can only view it once, after which the video or photo will disappear or be removed from your chat. But GBWhatsApp Download allows you to download the sent media with full privacy. The good thing is that these videos and images will be saved in your chat for the next 15 days, which you can also download and watch.

Download The Statuses of Your Contacts:

If you like someone’s status, you don’t need to ask them to share it with you. Because downloading this status is a one-minute game. You can download this status with this amazing app and save it in your mobile gallery.

The Translator Is Added And Improvised:

Translator is another great feature of this amazing app. If you have friends or relatives in another country who speak other languages, you can use this app to chat with them. The translator is only available for text messages, not calls or voice messages. But still communicating with relatives or friends living abroad in their native language is a great feature.

Anti-One-Minute Temporary Ban:

This bug has been fixed in a recent update as some people were facing a one-second ban while using GB WhatsApp. Now the developer has fixed this issue and you will never face this ban again in this app.

No In-App Ads:

Despite being a free application, it is ad-free. Ads are the biggest problem users have while using the app. That’s why GBWhatsApp is ad-free, so you don’t have to face any problems using it like you did with the original WhatsApp.

Auto Reply or Scheduled Reply:

Set auto reply or scheduled reply in this GB WhatsApp download 2024. If you forget someone’s birthday or event, you can select the birthday date and event time through this feature. GB WhatsApp will deliver your message to the selected person on time. This is an amazing feature that will increase your value in the social media.

Change Chat Names:

GBWhatsApp allows users to control the chat as much as possible. You can easily change the chat name without changing the contact name in the contact list. Set your chat nicknames and talk to them with love and interest with this app.

Mark All Messages As Read And Unread:

If you receive many messages and don’t have time, you can mark them as read using this feature. This feature also saves your energy and time.

Online Popup And Online History Log:

If you want to contact a person and know when they are online, this feature will give you a green chat signal with a pop message when they are online. You can set specific contacts to any number in it. GBWhatsApp will generate a contact log that will tell you when the contact was online in the last 24 hours.

Media Sharing Quality Is Increased:

In this, you can easily send files as big as 1 GB to another person, which means that the quality of media shared is better than the original app. It is a modified version of WhatsApp that has revolutionized contact and technology. So download it right now and start enjoying its great features for free.

Pros And Cons of GBWhatsApp APK


  • It is available for free to download.
  • It has a User-friendly interface.
  • In it, you can download hq all videos and images.
  • This is a completely secure application.
  • It uses a low battery.
  • It can run smoothly on all Android devices.
  • In it, you can easily send as long videos as you want.
  • In this, you can download all media at once.
  • This app also provides web support.


  • It may crash sometimes.
  • It does not include fast download and playback.
  • This sometimes causes problems sending live locations.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp?

Downloading this GBWhatsApp APK on Android mobile is very easy, just follow the instructions given below:

  • First of all, download this app on your mobile by pressing the button given above this site.
  • Wait until the download is complete.
  • After this, open the downloaded file in your mobile’s file manager and click on the Install button.
  • After the installation process is full you can use this app.

But if you don’t see the install option on your mobile then you have to go to the setting of your mobile and look for the security option. Inside this option, you will see an option for unknown sources, turn on this option and you will see the install option.

How to Create an Account on GBWhatsApp?

Creating an account in this GBWhatsApp is an interesting process, you just have to follow the instructions given below, and for your ease, we have also shared account images for creating an account, which you can see:

  • Open the app we just installed and you will see a Welcome to WhatsApp screen as shown in the image below.
  • Select your native language and click on the green arrow icon.
  • In the next step, a screen will appear in front of you where the app will ask you for your contact number.
  • Here you have to enter your personal number or the number on which you want to create this account then you will obtain a confirmation text message.
  • After confirmation, another screen will appear in front of you where you have to set your name as shown in the image below.
  • After that, your account will be fully activated.

Backup and Restore Data from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp

In this GB WhatsApp, you can get your real WhatsApp chats this is a very interesting process just have to follow the below instructions:

  • First, back up the chat by going to the app’s settings.
  • Download the backup and place it in the WhatsApp Android root folder.
  • After that, enter this WhatsApp GB without creating an account. By doing this, you will get an option to add a backup. Add a backup to it.
  • A few minutes later, all your data will be transferred to this GB WhatsApp.

How to Update GB WhatsApp?

There are two ways to update this app which are discussed in detail below:

The first way is that you can go to the settings of the app and turn on notifications. By doing this, you will get notifications of every new version of the app immediately.

Another way is to check this website regularly every day because whenever a new version of this app is launched it is uploaded on this website immediately.


Ans: This is the most popular modified version of the original WhatsApp which provides all the features that are not available in the original WhatsApp.

Ans: Yes it is one of the most secure apps available on the internet where you can share your personal information without any fear.

Ans: The latest version of it is 17.85 which was released a few days ago.

Ans: No, you cannot use both these apps on the same device. However, if you want to, you can use both apps on the same device through separate numbers.

Ans: Yes, this GBWhatsApp comes with an anti-delete or anti-revoke feature which means if someone deletes their message from both sides, that message will not be deleted from your chat.

Ans: It is an alternative app to the original WhatsApp which is used to provide different features.

Ans: No, GB WhatsApp Pro is not available on the Google Play Store.


GBWhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that provides various features about which we have told you in detail above. The most prominent among these features include an easy app interface, provision of all controls, enhanced privacy options, and customization options. But there are many modes available on the internet which are quite similar to it but it is different from all the unorthodox mods in that you get more features that are not available in any other mode. All its features are rare which is why this app is so famous after release.

So download GB WhatsApp Apk today and get maximum benefits from it. Also, stay connected with us to get more information and app updates. Bookmark our website and share it on your social media. If you want to give your opinion or any information, you can do so in the comment box below. We read your comments and information. Selain itu anda juga bisa mendownload WA GB APK for iOS.

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